Access to the model

Access to the model is simple and IQVIA can tailor a package of services to meet your institutions‘ needs. Most clients value annual licenses, although other options include single-project licenses or licenses combined with consulting support.


  • The IQVIA CORE Diabetes Model is very user-friendly, but to use it to its full power, it is highly recommended to participate in training.
  • Different options of training are available according to your needs. Please contact the IQVIA CORE Diabetes Model Team for more details.

Technical support

  • The IQVIA CDM team offers support for technical enquiries and account matters.

Consulting services

IQVIA Real World Evidence Solutions is a leading independent provider of retrospective and prospective outcomes research, economic modelling, market access solutions and value communications, leveraging IQVIA and other non-IQVIA proprietary data assets. Please consult our IQVIA Real World Evidence Solutions Group for more information.

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Additional Information

IQVIA CORE Diabetes Model is an IQVIA online application.
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